Alliance4Hair is a cooperation of leading forums and patient platforms dedicated to providing independent information for people with hair loss. In addition to the classical treatment with medication and alternative options, the topic of hair transplantation is also a major focus, because in many cases a permanent improvement of the optical appearance can be achieved.
Other alternatives such as micropigmentation (SMP) will also be presented in order to provide the entire spectrum of possibilities.
This range of options enables the patient to make an optimal decision. Because against the background of one’s own wishes, the degree of hair loss, the financial possibilities but also the circumstances of life, there are quite different approaches to a solution.
In the future, we also hope to be able to present new therapies – there is now a worldwide search for options to treat baldness, and there is concrete hope to get more options here.

Alliance4Hair was founded by the leading European platforms for patient information Alopezie.de, Bellicapelli, Hairlossexperiences and International Hairloss Forum. Other forums like Transplant Capilar România joined. With over 100,000 registered members, 1.5 million posts and 600,000 visitors per month, it forms the heart of the European patient platform for hair loss and hair transplantation. However, our goal is to help as many patients as possible, so we are open to further cooperation with other platforms. It is a particular concern for us to make the information available in as many languages as possible – not by poor automatic translation, but by authors in their mother tongue.

We want to develop this platform into Europe’s leading information portal. For this we need the help of qualified doctors and scientists. Please contact us if you can contribute to our work through qualified contributions on a sound scientific basis. We expect qualified articles with at least 1200 words and corresponding references. In return we present you as an author with a short information text and link to the homepage.

Advisory Council
in the next months we will build up an advisory board, which should support the content of our pages and make the assurance of as high an expressiveness as possible possible possible. For this purpose we search for experienced doctors and surgeons in the field of hair loss and hair transplantation.

Advertising Opportunities
This platform offers the unique opportunity to reach patients as a target group throughout Europe. Even if we attach importance to a strict and clear separation of content and advertising, we offer numerous possibilities to improve the communication with the patient via classical advertising forms or via avertorials.

In all cases we are pleased about feedback and please contact us via our contact form