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Dr. Özgür / HLC Clinic – Update on the corona situation and the new remodelled clinic

Most of our visitors know Dr. Özgür and the HLC as one of the established providers of high quality hair transplants in Ankara. Like...

Interview Dr. Koray (ASMED) Istanbul

In an extensive interview Dr. Koray is answering questions from Bola and users from the Italian hair surgery forum

Dr. Koray (ASMED – Clinik) – Situation with Corona Virus

Dr. Koray has built one of the most modern hair clinics in the world in Istanbul. More than 100 employees carry out hair transplants...

Hair surgery situation in Turkey in Corona Times – Interview with Dr. Ozlem Bicer

Corona Virus has brought travel and medical tourism to Turkey to a standstill. Many people who want a good and inexpensive hair transplantation there...

Corona and Hair Surgery Situation in Belgium

The hair transplant industry is currently very limited. In this video interview, we look at the situation in Belgium, how life is restricted there...

Interview Dr. Özgür Öztan from HLC Clinic Ankara

If men and also women suffer from severe hair loss, a modern hair transplant can restore the appearance and successfully reduce unpleasant feelings and...

The Hair Transplant Surgery Black Market FAQ’s

The number of hair transplants being done has exploded in recent years becoming a billion-dollar business. While the procedure was previously reserved for specialized...

Importance of higher magnification in creating natural looks

The hairline is the gateway to the face of a person. It frames the features of the individual and enhances them to give a...