Strictly linked to the choice to undergo a tricopigmentation treatment is the parallel choice of the operator to whom address for the treatment. Choosing the right person and the right place are for sure fundamental elements in order to guarantee the final satisfaction of the patient.



There are several elements to take into account while making this choice. First of all, you have to choose if you wish to go for permanent or temporary tricopigmentation. Not all the operators offer both the services or, even if they do, it is not always guaranteed that they really are expert in them both. The techniques are similar, yes, but they are not identical, and therefore require different competencies.

Another element, as important as the previous one, is the experience of the operator. Every single case is different from all the others and only a technician with a great experience behind them can ensure they are able to manage every possible situation or need arises.  Moreover, the longer is the experience of the operator, the better their technical skills and dexterity are, since those elements got acquired with the time and continuous practice.

Another fundamental aspect is to address to someone that uses specific materials and a specific instrumentation. A classic micropigmentation machine or, worse, a tattoo gun, are not specifically designed to be used on the scalp to make small deposits of pigment that simulate the presence of hair. Consequently, the results that can be achieved using this kind of equipment will not be good at all. Likewise, the needles and the pigments must be specific for tricopigmentation. The needle must allow to precisely perform micro-point deposits, not lines or shapes as happens for the generic tattoos. The pigment must be of the right shade to effectively simulate the presence of rising hair on the scalp, without ending up turning blue or green. A real tricopigmentation professional will never use non-specific materials, but only those specifically designed to be used on the scalp. Only these can ensure the due quality of the treatment, both on the aesthetical level and for the safety of who decides to undergo the treatment and of the operator himself.



You must not underestimate the role of the operator you decide to choose, they are not all the same. As a demonstration of this, it is sufficient to surf the internet a little to find many cases of poorly performed tricopigmentations, that then force the unfortunate client to go for a laser treatment in order to remove the pigment. Finding yourself forced to take this choice is extremely unpleasant because of many elements that you will easily understand. Eventually, you will have spent money for the tricopigmentation and then other money to have it removed, to find yourself, if you are lucky, at the starting point, with the hair loss problem still to resolve. Not to mention all the time wasted for all this process and the fact that, until the last laser session is performed, you will be forced to have a not good looking aspect that could cause you a great discomfort. When we decide to put our aesthetic appearance in someone else’s hands it is always very important to get properly informed.