Hair powder

Hair powder (styling, densifying) is among the least known to the public, compared to other hair treatment products. However, the use of this powder is a real marvel for the rapid treatment of hair loss. It is a cosmetic solution to the various problems of thinning hair and lack of volume.

Hair powder: a cosmetic solution

  • Hair powder is a cosmetic solution to the various problems of thinning hair and lack of volume. Some brands even use the expression “hair mascara” to describe their product with an immediate visible efficacy.
  • It allows masking (temporarily) the areas with anomalies of the capillary system by thickening the hair, which gives an impression of immediate volume.
  • It is in fact a 100% natural micronized powder (98% keratin, 2% organic silica) charged with electrostatic energy, which is sprayed on parts with either a lack of volume or too thin hair. The powder coats each hair and artificially inflates it in sometimes spectacular ways, immediately giving the illusion of very abundant hair.
  • By styling this volume, you can easily hide the imperfections related to the phenomenon of thinning hair. Those with flat hair can also use this powder to make a small makeover. The effect of the product on the hair lasts about a day. The effect will gradually dissipate and disappear completely when you wash your hair.


Who is this solution for?

  • Hair powder is a product used in different situations, depending on the user’s desire and the nature of the hair problems he or she encounters. It is intended for people with sparse hair. Some people who do not suffer from hair loss will find the use of this product a solution for the problem of flat hair.
  • It allows people, as part of a “relooking” to test other hairstyles and try to temporarily change their appearance. Some doctors recommend the use of hair powder for their transplant patients because it also gives more volume to the transplanted hair.

Hair powder is available in different shades

Hair powder manufacturers offer a wide range of colour shades to stick as closely as possible to natural hair. It is important to choose a hair powder of the same color as your usual hair.

There are powders to match almost any hair color: “black”, “dark brown”, “medium brown”, “light brown”, “medium blonde”, “blonde”, “auburn”. It is even possible to buy a “grey” or “white” hair powder for older people with graying temples


How to apply it?

1. Before using the powder, it is first necessary to go through a washing step. It is important to comb your hair before sprinkling the product (once the hair powder has been applied, combing your hair with your finger or comb would cause the hair mascara to be lost and misplaced).

2. Once the hair has been properly dried and styled, as usual, the powder can then be applied to the entire hair, taking care not to leave any area to be treated. Once the powder is dispersed on the scalp, some users spread it with a comb while others prefer to finish by hand. Its use on wet hair is not recommended because it leads to a poor distribution of the powder on the hair.

3. After applying the hair powder to the scalp, it should be fixed with a product (which is also supplied with the hair powder kit) to avoid loss of the powder as the day progresses.

4. It is also possible to buy a traditional hairspray to fix the product. The rendering is equivalent to that obtained with a hair powder-specific fixing spray. The effect can last several days, in fact, until the next shampoo.


The strong points

Its flexibility: no big decision to make, no interview session with a specialist, you do it yourself.
Its price: from 29 euros depending on the bottle (2, 10, 25 or 50 grams)
Its speed of implementation: a few seconds on dry hair

The weak points

The effects are temporary, disappears after each shampoo
Preferable not to wear white clothes
Requires hair on the scalp (even a small number)


Composition of hair powder

  • They are made of organic proteins. Just like natural hair, these proteins are made of pure keratin. The fibres constituting the hair powder are preliminarily charged with static electricity. This ensures maximum adhesion between the product and the hair.
  • Microfibres range from 0.3 to 0.5 millimeters. The hair density created by hair powder is also due to the presence of the following products: silica, cotton, nylon, ammonium chloride, DMDM hydantion or iodorpropynyl butylcarbamate.
  • It contains no additives or chemicals with harmful effects and does not interfere in any way with the natural growth of the hair. Its use can therefore easily be combined with preventive treatment (such as the use of anti-fall lotion for example).
  • Temporary solution, cases of allergy or irritation are minimal with this product, especially since there are ranges of organic hair powders. Testimonies about hair powder on users’ Internet forums never mention any cases of allergy following the use of this hair mascara.


The brands

The most popular brands of hair powders are (among others): Super Million Hair, Fullmore, Couvré, Toppik, Toppek, HairSoReal, K-Max, Nanogen or Mirage & Revivogen. The consumer is spoilt for choice in an increasingly wide and accessible offer.


Where to buy this product?
  • Hair powder is becoming better and better distributed. However, users buy it mainly on the internet where offers to buy hair powder are flourishing. This market is expanding rapidly.
  • Major hair powder brands have even created sites dedicated to this product allowing the remote purchase from online shops. Hair powder users will have the choice between several brands, several bottle sizes or several shades, without any difficulty.


The price of hair powder
  • The price of powders varies depending on the brand and the capacity of the product bottle, but overall, it is a relatively inexpensive solution (especially compared to other hair loss treatments). A 10 gram bottle is sufficient for 20 to 40 applications depending on the extent of the baldness to be masked.
  • To give an idea of the budget to be devoted to this product, a brand offers a wide range of hair powder with different capacities. The 2.5 gram travel bottle is sold for 9 euros and the 25 gram bottle for 49.50 euros. The giant 50-gram bottle is priced at 74.50 euros. These prices will vary with different currencies and suppliers.