DermMatch Hair Loss Concealer is full of naturally sourced ingredients, to give colour to your scalp and conceal your hair loss. The natural ingredients, sourced from plants across the world, give DermMatch its unique water-proof quality. DermMatch is the only cosmetic product for hair loss that you can swim with!

DermMatch works for any hair type including shaved, short, long, curly, wavy, braided, frizzy, straight, coloured, highlighted or frosted hair. DermMatch application is flexible to accommodate any hairstyle. The dry application gives you that ‘5 o’clock shadow’ look. This is perfect for super-short hair, shaved heads, bald areas, beards and eyebrows. Dry application also works great for permed, curled or braided hair when you don’t want to disturb your style.

DermMatch can be used on any skin colour. It doesn’t matter what your skin colour is. If your hair and skin are different colours, DermMatch will work wonders for you. DermMatch customers come from different corners of the globe, with every imaginable ethnicity and skin colour.

On average a DermMatch 40g disc will last 3 months of regular use, making DermMatch the best value for money in the hair loss concealer market. Add to this it’s natural look and the ability to stay on better, DermMatch really is a superior and unique product to conceal hair loss. The botanical and natural ingredients in DermMatch will also naturally moisturise and soften your skin.


Picking the right colour for you
The colour of DermMatch you want to match to your hair is the colour of your roots.
If you dye your hair completely, match to that colour
If you have highlights with different colour roots, match to the colour of your roots
If you are unsure of exactly which colour is for you as you fall between two colours, you can easily blend colours together to match your own hair


Instructions / Dosage for Use
Apply DermMatch using the sponge applicators provided for quick, easy and precise application. Any Shampoo will completely remove DermMatch from your scalp and hair. You can use DermMatch with gels, conditioners or any hair styling product. Make sure you apply DermMatch first so your styling product doesn’t interfere with your DermMatch application.


The following 8 different colours are offered:
White and silver grey.
Platinum blond, Red, light brown, medium brown, dark brown and black.

These colours can also be blended to make unique colour combinations.