Hair Transplant – The complete Guide

Today hair transplantation is no longer a big problem; millions of men have now been able to improve their appearance through such a procedure. However, this has also developed into a big business with a multitude of techniques and providers. “who buys cheap buys twice” is a comming the saying – unfortunately cannot be applied here. There is only a limited number of hairs that can be transplanted, and once this is used up, it becomes very difficult.

In this respect, it is important to inform oneself comprehensively before an operation and especially before choosing one’s doctor. With this in mind, we have developed a very comprehensive patient handbook, in collaboration with many of Europe’s leading experts. With different views, techniques and experiences – they reflect the many possibilities. But also with background knowledge about the hair diseases as well as about alternative treatments like SMP or concealer up to practical behaviour.

Download free Hair Transplant Patient Guide here: Guide

We have explicitly called the first version of the book a beta version because, despite its large scope, some topics are still missing and much remains to be said. We will gladly accept the help of other doctors who can contribute to this work. A print version is also planned for this year, as well as translations into the most important European languages.

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