Decades ago hair transplant had a bad reputation as the technique was quite primitive and results as plugged hairs.

It is sure who want a cosmetic procedure which is not fulfilling the aesthetic criteria!
But lucky is the present generation where hair loss has a permanent and natural looking solution in the form of advanced techniques of hair transplant. Hair transplant has come up with lots of advancements and latest technology where extremely natural results are a possibility if the procedure is performed by expert hands.
Hair transplant is a minimally invasive surgical procedure which involves harvesting of hair follicles from the donor area mainly from the back and side of the head followed by the transplantation of these hair follicles at the recipient bald area. Hair transplant is not a regenerative procedure and needs appropriate hair density at the donor area to be transferred at the recipient site.

Based on hair density the donor site is decided which is mainly back and side of the head or alternatively body hairs. High hair density hair transplant can only be achieved when there is ample hair density at the safe donor area. We should not overharvest from the donor area as it could violate the safe donor area leading to negative influence on permanency of results and density depletion at the donor area.
Older techniques of hair transplant have come up with a new face and multiple advancements to omit the disadvantages of the techniques and deliver what is best for the fruitful outcomes. Combination technique of FUT and FUE has been introduced with the concept of merging the benefits of both the techniques and omit the limitations of each technique.

But, yes to perform these advanced procedures, the crucial requirement is a competent and experienced hair transplant surgeon who can perform the procedure with excellence. Hair transplant could be a life saviour for desperate hair loss sufferers who are looking for a permanent solution for hair loss.

The sound decision making and surgical skills of the hair transplant surgeon makes it successful and effective hair loss solution. Hair transplant surgeries to deliver successful results not only require excellent surgical skills but also extraordinary sense of art to design hairline.

In which conditions combination technique of FUT+FUE is effective?

Earlier extensive bald cases used to have disappointment of either partial coverage or had to bear the expense and pain of multiple sittings to achieve adequate outcomes. But those days are gone and we can provide you maximum coverage of baldness in a single sitting with an advanced combination technique which involves both the techniques. With this technique we have the leverage of harvesting more than 4000 follicular grafts which could successfully cover a large bald area as in extensive bald cases.
Here is the list of conditions where combination technique could be an effective option including:
1. High grade baldness as in Norwood grade VI or VII
2. When the donor supply is inefficient
3. When our motto is to preserve the hair follicles for future sittings in extensive cases.
4. When demand is of high density hair transplant in extensive cases

How combination technique is an effective hair loss solution?

1. Combination technique offers the provision of multiple sittings in the future despite providing higher number of follicular grafts than other techniques. We can preserve the donor site by strategic harvesting of the follicular grafts in combination technique. FUT hair transplant technique also provides the provision of future sittings but the number of grafts which could be harvested are lesser than this advanced technique.’
2. Combination technique provides almost invisible scars after healing as while performing FUT the strip width could be reduced and suturing is done using trichophytic closure which offers almost invisible scars. While performing FUE technique the individual grafts are harvested from a greater distance which offers almost invisible circular scarring
3. In combination technique, we are majorly harvesting follicular grafts by performing FUT technique which minimizes the chances of damage rate to graft as FUE technique leads to more damage rate. FUT technique is used to harvest the maximum amount of follicular grafts and every step of which is performed under high loop magnification offering least damage rate. FUE technique is used to retrieve only residual number of grafts as is a blind procedure leading to more damage rate. Thus, combination technique offers least damage rate of <1%.
4. Combination techniques offer ample single and multiple grafts which can be judiciously selected and transplanted at the desirable recipient site to achieve maximum coverage with extremely aesthetic hairline. Single grafts transplanting in the frontal line and temporal triangles offer natural looking hairline. Multiple grafts when planted in the rear line gives better fuller look and maximum coverage
5. In this technique approximately 3000 – 3500 grafts are obtained by FUT technique and the residual number of grafts of upto 1500 grafts can be obtained by FUE technique.
Therefore, it is clear that combination technique is highly effective technique when none of the technique seems feasible. But this technique is bit complicated and tedious requiring only experienced and expert hair transplant surgeon.

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