MESOTHERAPY OF THE SCALP is a medical technique that consists of injecting micro doses, a mixture of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, hyaluronic acid, directly into the scalp, using micro needles. These superficial injections are painless thanks to the coating technique. These active products aim to stimulate hair growth, and when combined with therapies DHT inhibitors such as Keratene alphactive retard (universally applicable, for all ages and sexes) or finasteride (where appropriate, mostly for men only) it slows down hair loss and improves the hair quality of the scalp.

Hair mesotherapy is a treatment intended for:

– People suffering from moderate or severe hair loss due, for example, to vitamin or mineral deficiencies or nutritional deficiencies (weight loss diet, anorexia, etc.).
– As secondary treatment following the disease (e.g. hypothyroidism, anaemia, psoriasis…, autoimmune disease), related to acute or chronic stress, pregnancy and postpartum, taking medication or chemotherapy.

It is a preventive and effective method against baldness because it slows down its progression and reduces its intensity, however, without providing a definitive solution. It is also recommended for dry, brittle, dull hair with loss of tone, weakened or during hormonal disorders, seasonal changes…

The expected results of mesotherapy:

– Revitalization and cleansing of the scalp.
– Slowing down and stopping hair loss.
– Optimization of shampoo use (less frequent use).
– Decrease in seborrhea as well as itching, irritation, eczema.
– Improved quality, flexibility and capillary strength.

The frequency of mesotherapy sessions is determined in a specific way for each case, taking into account the following factors:

– The extent of capillary loss.
– The existence of a contributing pathology.
– Genetic factors (e.g. androgenic alopecia), age, sex, patient’s age.

One session every 2 weeks for 3 months is generally indicated for the majority of cases. However, one session each week over a period of 2 months or even 3 months may be necessary in the case of a severe loss.
A specific maintenance protocol adapted in agreement with the patient may be decided after the improvement and cessation of capillary loss.

The consultation of mesotherapy is carried out as any medical consultation, scalp examination, medical history, appropriate blood tests, and if necessary a biopsy. This consultation allows the practitioner to establish the optimal mix for each patient to ensure the best results.