Hair transplantation has become a routine procedure in recent years, with thousands of operations being performed without it. Many new providers have entered the market, some of which advertise very low prices.
BUT also be sceptical of advertising tactics. Big claims require big evidence. Advertising promises don’t help if there is a problem with the surgery. The hair is just gone. It will often not grow back.
There are many points to consider. With this comprehensive publication, we want to help you plan your surgery in the best possible way. With all the credible options available.
Alliance4Hair is an association of leading European forums. We have brought together a group of 18 specialists in the field of hair restoration to develop this patient guide. World-renowned experts Dr Özgür Öztan, Dr Bijan Feriduni and Dr Jean Devroye have served as editors. Emphasis has been placed on a comprehensive presentation from different perspectives. Each of them has contributed to different topics. The topics go beyond hair transplantation to hair loss, related diseases and hair restoration.
The paperback with 111 pages can easily be purchased for the low price of EUR 13.70 via Amazon:
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